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All You Need To Know About Diresco


All You Need To Know About Diresco

All you need to know about Diresco as it  is an engineered stone with a composition of resin and granite or resin and quartz granulates. In a unique manufacturing process, the stone composition is strongly bonded into an incredible product with strength that can only be compared with that of diamond or sapphire. Diresco stone is scratch and stain proof, water-resistant, frost and corrosion resistant with notable mechanical strength and dimensional stability sometimes that is higher than most long lasting, natural stones.

There are some qualities or properties embedded in Diresco that is leading to its strong growth and high demand in the kitchen world today. Its resistance to scratch and impermeable nature make the stone an ideal stone for kitchen worktops. Diresco wide colour range goes in synchrony with today's trend towards an even kitchen work surface's colours. With its colour trend and availability, Diresco stones are always in stock and can easily fulfill every request or demand flexibly and within the shortest lead times.

The quartz composite of Diresco is in high demand for several bathroom applications like bathroom furniture and also bathroom floors, bathtub cladding, and showers wall covering. For these applications, Diresco also has anti-slip properties.

Diresco quartz composite use is also experiencing a rapid increase as quartz worktops. Diresco is also finding its way to other surroundings in the home such as dining room tables, meeting rooms, living room tables and many other places. Diresco can be used in virtually every whether condition and environment including the most diverse condition without any hitch which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen worktops.

There are endless possibilities with Diresco as there are various shades of brown that can easily be matched with wood or black and white that can equally be matched with aluminium or stainless steel. It can also be combined with glass or stone.

With a composition of 90% or more of natural quartz, diresco is extremely tough and long lasting which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen worktops. This engineered stone offers multitude of finish choices both in kitchen worktops and in a complete project, in a wide range of furniture, because of its variety of tones of quartz colours. Diresco can be taken to be a belief in the future, and for its strength, you can be sure that it can superbly handle your project.

Diresco kitchen worktops are experiencing a notable sales increase in today's kitchen world. This increase can be attributed to its durability and finesse qualities because of its quartz composition. Diresco has become a perfect choice of stone for kitchen worktops because of its appearance of stone without the normal or usual maintenance that generally goes with natural products.

In addition to its application in kitchen worktops, bathtubs, floors, wall claddings, staircases and many more, Diresco is perfectly in use in other interior finishing applications. Its hardness and toughness gives it a high score for wear-resistance. The Belgian Blue, a variation of the Belgian bluestone is even much harder with a higher resistant to scratch than the real bluestone. This is the major reason this type of Diresco stone is extremely used for floors, fireplace cladding and staircases.


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