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Advantages Of Quartz Worktops

 Quartz Worktops

Advantages Of Quartz worktops

Advantages Of Quartz worktops are they are known for their durability, solidness and amazing colours. The manufacturing of Quartz requires the blending together of granites, mirror chips, quartz stones and resins to form a totally sealed and polished surface. Quartz has been esteemed high over the centuries for its charm and unique beauty, which is why artefacts made of quartz, can be found in different homes and even castles of many nobles. It has been said that quartz worktops has continued in this aesthetic culture and tradition. The high sophistication, effective and efficient method of sealing of quartz worktops brings to bare its natural and exquisite glint. 


Quartz worktops are stain-proof. They are also impermeable because of their non-porous quality, which makes sealing or polishing unnecessary for quartz worktops. This is not the same for its granite counterpart, which needs re-sealing almost twice a year to maintain its beauty. Quartz worktops have very low maintenance demand or they can even be said to be maintenance free. Spills do not seep into quartz kitchen worktops, but will stay on it until it is wiped off with a clean cloth. Nevertheless, to guide against bacterial actions, quartz work surfaces just like every other work surface requires daily cleaning and maintenance. 

Bacteria mould and mildew, find great difficulties in thriving on this surface because of its non-porous qualities. This attribute makes quartz a perfect choice not only for kitchen work surfaces, but also for bathroom surfaces. 

It may surprise many people exactly how tough and strong quartz really is. The fact is only topaz, diamonds and sapphire are harder than this semi-mineral. This makes quartz worktops capable of resisting more impact from daily activities than its laminate or acrylic material worktop counterparts. Quartz worktops rank among the strongest worktops in today's market. 

Quartz worktops have a lot of advantages which makes it outstanding in the list of worktop materials because of the unique manufacturing and sealing techniques;

• Depending on the proportion in which quartz and polymer resins were mixed, it can produce a wide range of finishing and colours. 

• Quartz kitchen worktops are highly resistant to heat.

• It is scratch resistance, but scratches on its surface can be carefully sanded out.

• It's highly chip and also resistant to crack.

Quartz is highly impermeable.

• It has high resistance to household acids.

• It is also resistant mold and mildew.

• Minimal or low water absorption.

• Cleaning and maintenance is easy with liquids, other household cleaning substance with a microfibre.

• Quartz is highly resistant to shock because of the hardness and toughness of the quartz; the strength and elasticity of the resins present.

• It can be found in many beautiful colours.

• It has an in-built anti-bacterial protection quality.

• It comes with maximum hardness.

• Highly impact- resistance.

It is worth noting the fact that the best features of quartz kitchen worktops are not easily seen on the surface, but inside the worktop contains the most benefit. Quartz worktops are almost indestructible. A lot of manufacturers of quartz worktops give a warranty if your worktop is installed by an accredited home improvement contractor. You can only get this with quartz worktops.

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